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Pfizer Injectables Ready-to-Use Delivery System Learning Site

Welcome to the Pfizer Injectables Ready-to-Use Delivery System Learning Site

Pfizer Injectables Ready-to-Use syringes and syringe systems are designed to:
- Help reduce the risk of medication errors, needlestick injuries, and contamination
- Decrease preparation time
- Encourage medication delivery best practices.

The learning modules on this website will help you to:

Gain fundamental knowledge about how to use Pfizer's Ready-to-Use syringes and syringe systems. You will also learn about the features, packaging and how to use for each product.

After viewing each module, you can apply your learning in an on-line knowledge check.

How to Use the CARPUJECT™ Syringe System

Prefilled SLIM-PAK™ cartridges come ready to load into a reusable syringe holder. These individual doses are available in multiple presentations.

How to Use the NEXJECT™ Prefilled Syringe

NEXJECT is an all-in-one, prefilled syringe with multiple levels of tamper-evident and tamper-resistant technology, designed for efficient medication delivery and ease of use.

How to Use the ADD-Vantage™ Delivery System

A unique two-piece, ready-to-mix IV drug delivery system comprised of a broad portfolio of drugs and diluents and an optional adaptor, the ADD-Vantage ADDaptor™, to help expand and support a single standardized method.

How to Use the ANSYR™ and ANSYR II™ Syringes

ANSYR and ANSYR II syringes offer needle-free technology to support safe administration. With packaging that opens from top and bottom, and an inspection assistance ledge on the ANSYR™ II, these clearly labeled, all-plastic syringes support efficient medication delivery.

How to Use the ABBOJECT® Syringe

A ready-to-use, prefilled syringe for needle-free or shrouded-needle access. The design features a calibrated glass drug vial and a matching plastic syringe barrel with shrouded needle. Its distinctive packaging and safety design can help minimize errors.